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Photo by Mehmet Kacmaz

Profile Pictures
Photo by Gencer Yurttas

Baran Muhammed Bilal, 19 years old and born in Aleppo. He lives in İstanbul since 4 years and works in the textile sector. Fatih

Photo by Husamettin Bahce

Êzîdî Xilmetkars(Attendants) carry woods to the temple in Lalish. Shexan

Ahmet Sik

Election 2018 at Turkey Istanbul

Photo by Admin

Photo by Saner Sen

Workers unions aimed at commemorating 34 people who died in May Day 1977 in Taksim. Police attacked the crowds from early morning with tear gas and batons in Dolmabahce, Harbiye, Besiktas, Karakoy and Okmeydani. More than 900 people have been battered and arrested by the police. Istanbul

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